SETTLERS OF CATAN North American Cham...

SETTLERS OF CATAN North American Championship Pre-Qualifier Tournament!

SnowCon Gaming Convention is excited to announce a Settlers of Catan Tournament on SnowCon Saturday, January 17, 2015. Beginning at 9 am, players will compete in 4 rounds to determine who will place their settlements in the final round. The tournament winner will receive a seat in the semi-final round at the North American Championship Qualifier […]

“Lord of Catan” Short Fil...

“Lord of Catan” Short Film Screening at SnowCon

  And don’t miss a special screening of the independent film The Lord of Catan at 7 pm! A husband and wife find themselves thrust into an apocalyptic rivalry over a game of Settlers of Catan. This indie short film, directed and written by Stuart C. Paul, stars Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods, Donnie Darko, Training Day) and […]

Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Maine is hosting a FREE-TO-PLAY TOURNAMENT with PRIZE SUPPORT at SnowConSeven on the Sunday, January 18th starting at 11am. Message or e-mail xwing.miniatures.maine @ if you want to meet up for carpooling or have questions.

Share With Your Friends!

Share With Your Friends!

Want to be sure that your friends don’t miss SnowConSeven? You can download this handy graphic – it’s made to fit in your Facebook cover to show your SnowCon pride!

Game Submissions – LAST CALL TU...

Game Submissions – LAST CALL TUESDAY JAN 13

Last call for game submissions!! Games submitted after Tuesday will not appear on the schedule. Of course, everyone is free to arrange pick-up games or post a sign up sheet during the con. However, if you submit a game by the end of the day Tuesday, we’ll have the chance to print it out and save you the […]

Meet In A Tavern…Friday, Jan. 1...

Meet In A Tavern…Friday, Jan. 16

Shake the winter out of your meeples at the SnowCon 2015 “So You Meet In A Tavern” kickoff at Tantrum in Bangor on January 16th! Because where do all good adventures start? At the tavern, of course! Come early for dinner, have some specially selected theme beverages, dance to great music from DJ Thermomatt, and point and laugh […]

National Iron GM Chris Pierce Feature...

National Iron GM Chris Pierce Featured in BDN

If you’ve been to SnowCon, you know Chris Pierce! This week we saw some swell press on him and think you should check it out!  We challenge him annually to run some nutty game or other based on our own pop culture fantasies and he always meets the bar, then takes that bar and breaks […]

Play With the Developers

Play With the Developers

One of the best things about SnowCon is you often get the chance to meet and play with people directly involved in creating games. This year we have Amanda Kahl running Baker Street RPG, for which she did much of the art. Josh and Mary Harrison are line developers for FASA games and are running Earthdawn […]

Single-day Gaming Passes

Single-day Gaming Passes

The new year is upon us and with it comes another SnowCon, full of games and friends, adventures and challenges, and always a surprise or two. Single-day gaming passes are now available for Saturday and Sunday, but hurry! — Online game signup will only be available to attendees who register for SnowCon by January 4th. […]

Announcing … SnowConSEVEN

Announcing … SnowConSEVEN

More details soon …

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