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Slow Start Sunday -Jan 19, 2020

Ermahgerd Sner snow weather meme with jumping corgi

Good morning SnowCon! TLDR: come a little later if you can. Due to the weather, the venue is encouraging you to take a slow and relaxing morning as you make your way to SnowCon. This is not a full delay, but it is a response to a couple of weather-related requests by the venue. Please […]

Join the SnowConMunity!

SnowConMunity graphic

SnowCon doesn’t have to be just one weekend – you can enjoy the fellowship all year long on the SnowConMunity page on Facebook! Find gaming partners, share gaming hints and humor, and know that you have a place to talk about that totally awesome game you just ordered on Kickstarter with people who absolutely […]