Register now for DEMO ALLEY!

Are you a game designer or developer? Do you need to playtest your creation or promote an upcoming kickstarter? Want a game-loving audience for demos? Bring your game to SnowCon! Please note: This is for non-sales tables only.

We suggest that each demo table have a 15-minute or shorter gameplay demonstration to introduce people to the game. Of course, we also welcome full-length gameplay at demo alley tables and as scheduled games during SnowCon as well.

Tables in Demo Alley are $75 per table for the weekend.

• Each Demo Table is 6 feet long and comes with two chairs and two badges ONLY. Badges are non-transferable. Additional badges may be obtained through the normal attendee registration process.

• The 2020 SnowCon Gaming Convention is being held at the Cross Insurance Center at 515 Main Street in Bangor, Maine on January 18 & 19. Scheduled event hours are Saturday from 9am – midnight and Sunday from 9am – 10pm, with registration and doors opening at 8am each day.

• Demo hours are the same as the convention. Exhibitor may choose to be present for the duration of SnowCon or display demo hours on the table. Set-up begins at 6am Saturday and Exhibitors must be set up before doors open to players at 8am. Exhibitor is solely responsible for their demo and personal items during event hours. Demo area will be closed and secure overnight.

• Exhibitors may also schedule demos and playtest games as part of the regular game schedule. After registration, please submit your games on our website when game submissions open. More info can be found at the “Run a Game” tab on our website.

• Absolutely NO SELLING OF PRODUCT will be allowed in the demo area. If you wish to sell product, please register as a Vendor. Promotional materials (including those leading to websites and crowd funding) are ok.

Please direct any questions to