Game Drive for Puerto Rico graphic

Hurricane Maria left much of Puerto Rico devastated. Even months after the hurricane, many of the islanders are still without basic necessities like clean water and electricity.

One of our organizers, Monique Bouchard, is involved with an organization “Water for Puerto Rico / Agua para Puerto Rico” – a nonprofit created by someone she knows well. While aid is still critical, it’s hard to manage without electricity which is needed not only for practical matters but also for entertainment. After talking with the head of the nonprofit, it was determined that while we gamers can’t solve all of Puerto Rico’s issues, we can probably help alleviate boredom and raise spirits with games!¬†

Therefore we are having a Games for Puerto Rico drive at SnowConX.

Attendees can help by donating games from the list below, making a cash donation for the purchase of games, and by making a cash donation to help with shipping costs.

We’ll have a game drop off and donation spot at the Game Library or Registration Desk.

Feel free to ask any staff member for more information and/or email us at

Suggested Games

We suggest games which are not too large or heavy and are “classics” and therefore don’t require a lot of pieces or a lot of complex instructions.

  • decks of cards
  • checkers
  • chess
  • backgammon
  • dice games (Yahtzee and similar)
  • Chinese checkers
  • solo peg game puzzles
  • dominos (prefer lighter weight)

We appreciate so much the support of the gaming community to bring some ways to help pass what has been a very, very long and dark night.

Thank you.