A young boy and a tall man play a game involving stacking cards into a tower.

Actual photo of how we all feel the week before SnowCon. (Pictured are Jesse, our youngest staff member, and Flip Florey playing a very stressful to watch stacking game at SnowCon IX. Photo by Shane Leonard.)




This is the busy season. The rush. The time when we’re frantic and trying to remember why, exactly, we do this.

But then we open the box of things for the Settlers of Catan Tournament and we play 80’s and 90’s music and dance around while we add final touches to shirt designs and get in our orders, count our Game Master volunteers, and manage the schedule.

We work out all the details about layout of the space and we talk about who has to be there, really, at 6:00am on Saturday.

We finalize food plans with the catering division at our venue. We look across the table at each other nervously. We’ve been meeting like this on a regular basis, but it’s always an avalanche ten-days from SnowCon. This will be the TENTH time we’ve done this — and it’s always surprising, amazing, and delightful.

It’s looking like this will be our biggest year so far — and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

We will GameOn soon!
– Monique on behalf of the SnowCon Overlords