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Join the SnowConMunity!

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SnowCon doesn’t have to be just one weekend – you can enjoy the fellowship all year long on the SnowConMunity page on Facebook! Find gaming partners, share gaming hints and humor, and know that you have a place to talk about that totally awesome game you just ordered on Kickstarter with people who absolutely […]

Learn Valuable Life Skills at the Table!

While five minutes at SnowCon will probably unwind lots of gamer stereotypes – this nifty vid discusses some of the REAL skills that RPGs and tabletop games bring beyond the table! You can join the ranks of Vin Disel (who even got Dame Judi Dench to play with him!), Lexa Doig, George RR Martin, Wil […]

The 12th SnowCon will be held on January 18 &19, 2020 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine.