What are Play-to-Win Games? These are specially marked games on the schedule and in the library. If you play the game, you have a chance to win that very copy!

Codenames from Czech Games Edition is one of the hottest titles of 2015, and we have two copies in our Play-to-Win library!

Two teams of spies need to make contact with their informants, but only the Spymasters can see where the informants are located. The rest of the team only sees their codenames. Each turn, the Spymasters take turns giving one word clues, followed by a number. It’s up to the rest of the team to determine which code names relate to the clues. For example, “Hot 2″ may relate to the words Fire and Dog but be careful! If you choose a wrong word, your turn is over or worse, you may give the other team a point… and if you find the lone Assassin, your team loses immediately!

Simple to teach and learn, Codenames will keep you coming back for more! Be sure to check out one of the scheduled sessions or stop by the open gaming library to check out one of the most popular party games of the year!