Quest for the Antidote board game images

We’re thrilled to see all the great news about Lewiston native Tom Deschenes’ game “Quest for the Antidote” which was illustrated by Bangor native Scott Sherman. You can even buy it at last!

In an article in the Lewiston Sun Journal we even get a mention!

 Honestly, though, the thing that kept me motivated the most was seeing the reactions of strangers when they got to play my prototype. I could tell that I had something special on my hands. I had only shared my prototype with family and friends for the first two years as I was creating and balancing the game, but then I decided to bring my rough version of “Quest for the Antidote” to Snow Con, a gaming convention in Bangor, in 2013. It was such a gratifying feeling to see strangers playing “Quest for the Antidote” and laughing and having fun, and kids’ reactions in particular reinforced my belief in my game and that it could one day be a hit.”

Read the whole article here: 

And then step back in time to SnowCon 2013 when we play tested it back in Orono! It’s since been refined and refined

You can learn even more in this Portland Press Herald story: