SnowCon always has a large area dedicated to open gaming and pick-ups.

You can bring your own games to play or enjoy selections from the game library.

This area is for anyone looking to play something that’s not on the schedule, and it’s absolutely wonderful for pick up games. If you have something that you’re not sure would fit into a particular spot – or if you want to bring a game along, just in case you find time to play – be sure to check out the open gaming area.

Demo Alley has games playing throughout the convention regularly as well. And on top of that, we’ll have a great selection of Play to Win games you can take out for open gaming too!

The Bangor Area Gaming Guild and SnowCon staff  bring selections from their gaming libraries for anyone to play.  You’re sure to find a great game – and more than a few willing players – in the open gaming area.

So don’t worry if you’re not signed up for a game in every single time slot! You can always find a game and a few gamers in the open gaming area who’d love to play.