Play-to-Win is similar to the usual game library that we’ve had at SnowCon every year, but with a twist – you can actually bring home a new game! It’s easy: be sure to check out the Play-to-Win section of the game library, sign out a game, grab some players and play the game. After you’re finished, return the game to the library and add the names of all the players to the list for the game you’ve just played. On Sunday afternoon, we’ll draw one of those names for each Play-to-Win game, and the lucky winner will receive that game!

We’re reaching out to many game publishers this year and we’re hoping to expand the Play-to-Win library! We have a gaggle of enthusiastic volunteers willing to run demos and teach attendees how to play games.

Play-to-Win has been a huge hit with our attendees and exposed many people to great games they’d otherwise not have tried.

If you are a game publisher and would like to be part of our Play-to-Win library, please contact us at info@snowconmaine.com.

Last year’s Play to Win support provided by:

  • Stronghold Games https://strongholdgames.com/
  • Grandpa Beck’s Games https://www.grandpabecksgames.com/
  • Bezier Games, Inc. https://beziergames.com/
  • Grail Games https://grail-games.com/
  • Thames & Kosmos www.thamesandkosmos.com/index.php/kosmosgames
  • Pandasaurus Games https://www.pandasaurusgames.com/
  • Shades of Vengeance www.shadesofvengeance.com/games/
  • Mayday Games https://www.maydaygames.com/
  • Indie Boards & Cards www.indieboardsandcards.com/
  • Smirk & Dagger Games www.smirkanddagger.com/
  • Cheeky Parrot Games https://www.cheekyparrotgames.com/

The above companies are part of the Envoy program –http://www.dexposure.com/envoy/

The following publishers are providing support independently:

  • Czech Games Edition(CGE) https://czechgames.com/
  • Renegade Games Studios www.renegadegamestudios.com/
  • Blue Orange Games www.blueorangegames.com/