Good morning SnowCon!

TLDR: come a little later if you can.

Due to the weather, the venue is encouraging you to take a slow and relaxing morning as you make your way to SnowCon.

This is not a full delay, but it is a response to a couple of weather-related requests by the venue.

Please enter at the Paul Bunyan entrance this morning, as the Rotunda entrance will be closed until later in the morning.

People will not be left out in the cold, but the security may be heavy early in the morning as we will begin with only one entry point.

Coming closer to 9, or even 10, rather than 8 will be helpful. We will work on streamlining registration on our side to help move everything along quickly.

If you are schedule to run or play in a 9am game, we appreciate your patience as we work with the venue to get you all in with respect to the weather. However, we ARE GAME ON!