Rising to the RPG challenge thrown at him last year, GM Chris Pierce has created 8 MILE: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, YO

This game will be available for sign-up on our Warhorn beginning at 8 pm tomorrow (1/2/13) in Slot 7 – Saturday 7-11 pm.http://warhorn.net/snowcon-2013

Yo dawg. You thought B Rabbit was street? Yah ain’t seen nothin’ like the streets of Bangor,Maine. Fo’git Detroit! It’s a jungle out on 1st Street (Oh god this hurts) The Big Grill ta Grill Phat Rhyme off is only a few nights away. Y’all needs some serious cred! (I can’t believe I’m really doing this) Go through your town, gather up some real gangsta cred, gain dice and use those dice to make the sickest (emphasis on sickest) dopest (more emphasis) rhyme you can. Youze gonna lose your mind! (Here you go Gibran)

Rated: PG-13
Rory’s Story Cubes
Introductory: Suitable for someone who has never played this game before.
Pregens will be available.