Board Game GeekThe trade submission deadline for the SnowCon 2013 Math Trade currently on Board Game Geek is 1/10/2013 at 11:59 PM. If you have games and core books that need new homes, don’t delay!

The basic rules are below. The math trade is open to anything board game/card game/tabletop related. Thank you to Jared Hunnefeld for setting this up.

1. Board games, board game related items, and RPG books (D&D, VTES, Paranoia, etc) are permitted.

2. If you submit a non-board game entry you must label the game as ‘Outside the Scope of BGG” and please add the title in the first line of the comments section.

3. Describe, as accurately as is reasonably possible, the condition (components and box), language, and edition of your item and any sweeteners (sweeteners are any items in addition to the main item that you’re bundling with it). You are also expected to inventory the game’s components and list anything missing and/or damaged. It would also be helpful to add what time you’ll be at SnowCon so someone doesn’t freak out if they get there and you haven’t arrived with the game they traded for.

4. Do NOT delete or edit any entries or after they have been listed. You can always submit a blank want list for an entry if you’ve traded it away before the deadline or decided to keep that item. If you need to edit, it’s better to create a new entry and submit a blank want list for the original. This is in case someone added your item and submitted a want list before your edit. They might not want it after your edit!

5. The algorithm used will be weighted toward involving the most people in the trade.

6. It’s very important that you remember to bring any items that you want to trade with you! The trade only works if everyone does their part!