Flip the Table, a gaming podcast featuring a cadre of familiar faces at SnowCon such as Chris Michaud, Jared Hunnefeld & Flip Florey, will be at SnowCon this year as a d8 Sponsor and will be making their mark in their usual unusual way on the bance floor with game demos and wacky hi-jinx. Don’t worry, we’ve bolted the tables down.

Game demos include:

  • Nightmare
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game
  • Battlestar Gallactica
  • the unusual homegrown mashup of Catan Twister
    and an exclusive pre-release demo of
  • Pixel Lincoln – the first side-scolling deckbuilding cardgame! (courtesy of Game Salute)

“Flip the Table is a podcast about The Other Side of Board Games. Most board game shows focus on the latest-and-greatest, or time-tested classics. We have taken it upon ourselves to comb our local charity shops and salvage stores for the other stuff…we’re talking licensed cash-grabs, kids games that kids are too smart for, gimmicky games with strange (and only occasionally functional) gadgets, and all the other games that tend to gather dust in the back of closets with the rest of the third-string Nintendo 64 cartridges.

Why would we do this? Because we can. And because it’s a way to more deeply explore the hobby we love so well. By examining those games that your non-gamer family thought it would be a great idea to buy you for your birthday, we learn what really makes games tick. Plus, who doesn’t like a little schadenfreude, am I right? We suffer so you can be entertained. You’re welcome.

So come on in and discuss those dogs that you hate, love, love secretly, love to hate, or secretly love to hate. Anyway, we are primarily about the love of gaming here. Have fun!”

Part of the Dice Tower Network! Available on iTunes and RSS. Download and listen today at tableflipsyou.com