Jay Libby is a local game designer known for his super awesome G-Core game, which he keeps calling MODERN FASERIP. But before that he had written for R. Talsorian Games and even did art for their Cyberpunk v3 product line. Jay wrote for Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (Aliens and Creatures). As for Jay’s history of gaming, that goes all the way back to the 1980s playing classics like Marvel Superheroes, Rifts, Mekton II and Heroes Unlimited. Jay is also a collector of RPGs, touting such greats and 1st Edition D&D and Dune. Jay is the co-owner of Dilly Green Beans Games. When not designing games he teaches at a local college.

Dilly Green Bean Games is based in Gorham, Maine, bringing to the pen and paper game industry affordable and fun games. They have been the runner up in the INDY Awards and nominated for a Publisher Fan Award in the prestigious ENnies. The DGBG house system TBS received 5 Stars by Gaming Report as well as a modern take on the classic FASERIP system, which they call G-Core.

Jay will be running:  Dr. Who – Adventures in Time and Space and Spiderman and his Amazing Friends (G-Core). Check the full details in the Saturday schedule on Warhorn.