Winter is long and chilly – what better way to spend a January weekend than in a gigantic basement with great people playing games for two solid days?

Believe it or not, we are approaching SnowCon 12! 

SnowCon features board games, role-playing games, card games, miniatures — players of all experience levels are welcome. We have games of all kinds on deck and vendors to cater to your ruthless creativity!

SnowCon has become a well-loved annual event where a true community gathers to share their love for games. We’re proud to boast that our con is family-friendly (we’ve had kids as young as 9 running games for other kids and parent-child games to help grow the love of games for all ages.) We celebrate our grown-up love of games with terrifying Lovecraft-inspired games and a rating system that lets players choose what is appropriate for them. Creativity reigns with wild mash-ups  – Apples Against Humanity, Catan Twister (no, really!), and Scrabbalderdash for example – as well as with all the classic and new board games, card games, and RPGs you love.

SnowCon has also served as a beta testing ground and launch event for several new games so you may find yourself playing the next big thing – sometimes before it’s even a thing!

Are you interested in running a game? We’d love to have you participate. Check out our “Run a Game” page and submit your request using the form on our website.

Questions can be directed to

Come play!