disco-meeplesShake the winter out of your meeples at the SnowCon 2013 “So You Meet In A Tavern” kickoff at the Bear Brew in Orono on January 18th! Because where do all good adventures start? At the tavern, of course!Come by starting at 6pm for dinner – the Friday special is prime rib au jus – and follow it up with Kelley’s fabulously themed drink specials to honor … well, it’s a surprise! (Past years have brought us Vulcan’s Blood, Gary Gygax shots, and more…)bearbrew
It’s the Return of  SnowCon’s Nerdprov Comedy, lead by Sax Carr, creator of the hit web series “Batgirl – Spoiled” and Los Angeles’ favorite fanboy comedian. He’ll ask the audience questions, and then, for YOUR enjoyment, he’ll challenge the wits of those witless gamers who have rolled a critical failure vs pride. You don’t want to miss it!
Then dance to great music from Gothic Maine’s Plague DJ DeHuman8 (@Ian Graham) joins us for the night, spinning Goth/Darkwave/Industrial for our dancing pleasure as soon as the show ends.PLUS Game Citadel will have a Drafts & Drafts Magic night right there at the pub – all the fun of Friday night Magic – and all the fun of being out at the same time! Expect wackiness. Crack open fresh cards, inhale deeply, and be ready for hilarity and mayhem.21+, $5 at the door*; 6pm doors open for dinner; comedy at 7:30; dancing and Magic to follow!

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*(preregistered SnowCon GM’s get in free!)