Author: Derek

  • Breaking Games

    Breaking Games

    Founded by Shari Spiro of AdMagic, Breaking Games is a promotion and publishing company dedicated to getting our client’s games into the hands of people who love to play them. This year, Breaking Games has contributed the game LUCK, based on the movie! LUCK The Game Navigating through the Land of Luck, this beautifully illustrated game combines […]

  • Inside Up Games

    Inside Up Games

    Inside Up Games is a Canadian board game design and publication company with one simple goal, to create exciting and entertaining games, so you can have fun with your family and friends! We believe that everyone deserves a spot at the table, and strive to create gaming experiences that are enjoyable and inclusive. This year, Inside […]

  • Wattsalpoag Games

    Wattsalpoag Games

    Wattsalpoag is a board game company located in Issaquah, Washington, USA, founded in 1992. Owner and game designer Kris Gould has a life-long love of gaming. He did what everyone dreams to do – he made his passion into his business. Wattsalpoag Games has focused on European-style board games since 2006, ranging from family play to more advanced […]

  • Adam’s Apple Games, LLC

    Adam’s Apple Games, LLC

    Adam’s Apple Games loves to create experiences, and aren’t afraid of weird. They strive to build things that bring fun into the world. A simple equation that explains their philosophy to creating a great game.  Fun = Immersion + Tension + Interaction.  This year, Adam’s Apple Games kindly contributed Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy […]

  • Dragon Dawn Productions

    Dragon Dawn Productions

    Dragon Dawn Productions is a Finnish publishing company specializing in gaming aids and board games. Games from Dragon Dawn Productions are built around strong thematic play at their core and are not just a mathematical diversion with tacked-on themes. Moreover, negotiation and cooperation are key components of many of their games. This year, Dragon Dawn […]

  • Genius Games

    Genius Games

    Genius Games believes that science is awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and beautiful. They also believe that science can make our world a better place. Through the tools provided by science they can address the types of resource scarcity that lead to violent conflicts, alleviate diseases at the root of much human suffering, and innovate to simply make […]

  • Devir Games

    Devir Games

    Infinite coincidences have created Devir Games, an entertainment project that brings together fans of comics, role play, war games, collectible card games, heroic fantasy and science fiction novels, The Round Table, Frodo, Dracula, Spiderman, and all the unexplored worlds in our imagination. That idea from 1987 turned into the largest publisher of modern games in […]

  • Prolific Games

    Prolific Games

    Prolific Games was founded by Bill Sininger in 2010 with the publication of Flapjacks & Sasquatches. Their goal was always creating and teaching games that deliver fun for every player. The company was sold to Midwest-based game industry veteran Jeff Tidball under the Left Justified Studio umbrella, whose steadfast belief is that games are just about the most […]

  • Smirk & Dagger Games

    Smirk & Dagger Games

    Smirk & Dagger knows why you play games – it’s the same reason they do. They love to taunt, to instigate, and to watch the sparks fly. They know how sweet revenge is, and they know that games are a lot more fun when you can stab your friend in the back. They’ve built their […]

  • Thames & Kosmos

    Thames & Kosmos

    Founded in 1822, Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. is a media publishing house based in Stuttgart, Germany, began publishing fairy tales. In 1912, they published a monthly magazine for nature & science lovers, and eventually began publishing board and card games under the Thames & Kosmos subsidiary in the early 2000s. Today, they remain one of the […]