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The moment you’ve all been waiting for …SnowCon 2024!

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You can register for SnowCon 2024 by buying a badge on TableTop.Events.

Weekend badges are $45 per person and include entry to the convention, vendor room, open gaming and play-to-win libraries, and all scheduled games.

There will be no on-site badge sales.

About the Registration Process

To purchase a badge, if you don’t have a Tabletop Events (TTE) account, you’ll need to create one. Each TTE badge requires a unique email address. Detailed instructions are available on the TTE website, should you need them.

Find the SnowCon-14 gaming convention.

You’ll next purchase a badge for the convention.

Once games have been added to the schedule, you will be cleared to sign up for games on TTE once they have been added.

Signing up for games (ie “buying tickets”) will be opened later once we have games on the schedule. You will be notified via email when game signup is available, and there will be announcements on the website and social channels.

To reserve a seat in a scheduled game, you’ll “buy a ticket” for the game. There typically is no extra cost for game tickets – it’s how TTE manages schedules and signups.

If a session requires an extra fee, for example, purchasing a tournament deck or similar, it will be noted in the event description.

Be sure to reserve your spot early though, as games fill up!

Gaming and play-to-win libraries — and dedicated tables — are always available during SnowCon. You’re welcome to bring games from your personal library and create a pickup game at a free table.

(If you’re registering for children, teens, or someone without an email address, this information may be helpful.)

Want to host a game?

Game masters submit their games right on TTE. Once game signup opens, players can get tickets for scheduled games.

For more information, visit Run a Game.

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