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Infinite coincidences have created Devir Games, an entertainment project that brings together fans of comics, role play, war games, collectible card games, heroic fantasy and science fiction novels, The Round Table, Frodo, Dracula, Spiderman, and all the unexplored worlds in our imagination. That idea from 1987 turned into the largest publisher of modern games in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan as well as a point of reference in the comics culture of Brazil and Portugal.

This year, Devir Games kindly contributed LUNA Capital!

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LUNA Capital components

LUNA Capital

Designed by Jose Ramón Palacios, art by Albert Monteys

Welcome to the moon! In the far-off future of 1977, the dream of sustaining human life on the moon is now a reality!  Things are moving full speed ahead too, and the possibilities are enormous.

The most enterprising companies have decided to sponsor teams of scientists, builders, publicists and freelance nightlife entertainers to set out to construct the best client base in the galaxy. On top of this out of the world chance, the Lunar Colonization Authority shall assign the capital of the Moon to the best of the projects that are presented, making the chance for an even juicier reward!

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