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Dragon Dawn Productions is a Finnish publishing company specializing in gaming aids and board games.

Games from Dragon Dawn Productions are built around strong thematic play at their core and are not just a mathematical diversion with tacked-on themes. Moreover, negotiation and cooperation are key components of many of their games.

This year, Dragon Dawn Productions kindly contributed Darwinning!

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Darwinning! game components


Designed by Timo Multamäki, Tiinaliisa Multamäki, Väinö Multamäki, & Nikolas Lundström Patrakka

Art by Akha Hulzebos, Lars Munck, & Jamie Noble-Frier

Darwinning! is a competitive game about the evolution of Species. Each player strives to become the most successful Species over four Eras of evolution, by having the biggest Population, being the best predator, and being able to live in most Environments.
A novel trick-taking game for 2-6 players, Darwinning! challenges serious gamers, but also charms children and plays especially well as a family game. See if you can evolve your species through the four eras the best!

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