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Inside Up Games is a Canadian board game design and publication company with one simple goal, to create exciting and entertaining games, so you can have fun with your family and friends! We believe that everyone deserves a spot at the table, and strive to create gaming experiences that are enjoyable and inclusive.

This year, Inside Up Games has contributed the game Gorus Maximus!

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Gorus Maximus game components

Gorus Maximus

Designed by Conor McGoey, art by Kwanchai Moriya

A bloody trick-taking game of gladiatorial combat, in which the trump suit can change mid-trick!

Gorus Maximus can be played with 1-8 players, everyone for themselves or in teams. For brave contenders aged 8 and up, taking 30-45 minutes.

Dispatch your strongest gladiators and most ferocious beasts to excite the blood-thirsty masses and earn their support! Players compete to collect gladiators with positive crowd favor and avoid those with negative favor.  The first player to earn 3 crowd support has won the support of the masses and earns the title: Champion of Gorus Maximus!

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