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R&R Games, Inc. began with an idea to provide a fun forum for gatherings of friends and families. Based in Tampa, Florida, R&R Games is now a leading game publisher producing original games that provide a fun time for all ages. R&R’s game line has garnered well over thirty national awards, and offers a very unique assortment of family and party games.

This year’s R&R Games’ contributions are The Plan and Ferret Out!

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Image of The Plan game components

The Plan

Designed by Ken Gruhl & Quentin Weir, art by Brandon Lewis

The Plan is a fast-paced card-management game with set-collection goals. In this simultaneous-play game, players form teams of expert thieves and attempt to steal valuable treasures from the museum in a series of heists. Each round, new treasures become available. However, treasures may be stolen only by experts in the specific field. The masterminds must try to assemble the best team to send in.

To play, each mastermind commits to their team by choosing one card from their hand. The smallest teams get to collect treasures first, but teams with more experts can collect more items. However, larger teams move slower, so treasures may not be available when they arrive. Players must form the right teams, while also sending them in at the right time.

The game ends when the treasures have been collected. Each item is worth victory points, and complete sets of any treasure earn extra bonus points. Whoever has the most points wins!

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Ferret Out board game components

Ferret Out

Designed by Robert A. Kamp, art by Brandon Lewis

Ferret Out is a social deduction party game where players try to uncover the lone weasel mingling among ferrets. The unique feature of the game is that no one knows who they are – Not even the lone weasel.

Everyone has a card with a hidden word. All players have the exact same word except one player (the weasel). To Ferret Out the weasel, every player provides a clue to their word. The goal is to read all the clues, and determine which player gave a clue that does not match the others (the weasel).

Players earn points for correctly identifying the weasel, but weasels are clever critters, so all players must be careful when providing clues to their hidden word! If the weasel can deduce the ferrets’ hidden word the weasel will earn bonus points!

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