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Game Masters are the lifeblood of SnowCon, and we welcome lovers of ALL tabletop games! Board games! Card games! Picture games! Word games! Social games! Minis and role-playing and more…there’s always something to play at SnowCon!

For those who live to run, game submissions are open. Badge holders can submit games to the schedule for either 2- or 4-hour slots. !

If you are interested in running a game at SnowCon – as an expert or novice – we welcome your enthusiasm!

Submissions are open

There is a Submit Events button directly below the Buy Badges button on the first page of Tabletop.

  • You must have purchased a badge or had one assigned to you, to submit a game.
  • Games are submitted in TTE.
  • Tabletop refers to you, the person running the game, as a host.
  • Age options are there to help guide potential players regarding content and complexity. They are Family (all ages welcome), 13+ (teens and up; no young children), and 18+ (adults only).
  • Although the system allows games to start every hour, we are still running slots.
    • Please use the following start times
      9am (4 & 2 hour games)
      11am (2 hour)
      2pm (4 & 2 hour)
      4pm (2 hour)
      7pm (4 & 2 hour)
      9pm (2 hour)

Meal times will be scheduled between 1pm-2pm and 6pm-7pm as in years past. It is acceptable for games to run a little late into these breaks and to set up your game during a break.

  • Submitted games will go to admin for approval. If approved, they will be assigned a timeslot and table and appear on the schedule.

Submission Advice:

  • Sell your game in the description. Tell players a little about the game and make them want to play. But be concise; you have 2500 characters to work with.
  • There is a box where you can submit a URL for “more information”, i.e. a boardgame geek link about the game, manufacturer’s page, etc.
  • There is another box where you can assign yourself as the host (please do so).
  • Finally, consider whether you’re playing when setting the number of tickets for your game. For example, if you are teaching a 4-player game and not playing, set your game for 4 tickets. However, if you are indeed playing the game, set tickets at 3.

We encourage you to promote your games in the SnowConmunity Facebook group!

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