SnowCon Rules & Policies

Any of the following will be grounds for removal from the convention without refund:
* Violating any federal, state, or local laws, facility rules, or convention policies
* Failure to comply with the instructions of SnowCon Staff or Event Venue Staff
* Using anything in a threatening or destructive manner against a person or property
* Endangering the safety of oneself or others
* Threatening, stealing, cheating, or harassing others
* Failure to conduct oneself in a mature manner

SnowCon is an all-ages event, with games and events for all maturity levels. That being said, however, there are also events at SnowCon which are PG-13 content-wise, and may not be appropriate for play with younger children, and that may not hold their attention. Every child 12 and under must have an adult with them at all times.

SnowCon takes no responsibility for attending minors. Our staff cannot guarantee that your youth will be watched over at all times; their job is to oversee the con for safety and logistics.

Youth should be within the sight line of their guardian at all times.

Youths 12 and under will not be allowed to enter SnowCon without said, responsible adult. Youth will still be given a badge which should be worn at all times in convention areas.

Youths 13-17 are encouraged to have a guardian, but not required. However, teenagers are subject to all the same rules as any other attendee and are expected to behave properly and politely at all times.

Events at the convention are generally family-friendly and will be noted if not, using the standard film rating system. Any questions about the age-appropriateness of a given event should be directed to event staff.

Registration opens at 8am; no event begins before 9am. All events will end by 11pm Saturday and 6pm Sunday.

You are responsible for your goods; keeping your belongings in your possession will keep them safer than leaving them. Respect the property and personal space of others at all times. All state and local rules and regulations must be obeyed during the convention. Theft will not be tolerated.

Drugs, alcohol, nudity, excessive cursing, and other inappropriate language are prohibited from the convention areas. Shirts and shoes are required for convention attendance. Weaponry must conform to SnowCon’s rules regarding weapon display and safety.

You must have your badge (wristband) visibly displayed on your person at all times. Gaming passes must also be on your person at all times and shown willingly to GMs, Game Librarians, and Convention Staff that ask to see them. Badges and gaming passes are non-transferable, non-refundable, and may not be shared between individuals. In the event of a lost badge, please visit the registration desk.

Convention staff may revoke your badge and request that you leave the Con if they feel you violate the above rules or are ill-behaved. Fighting or mistreatment of others is cause for immediate expulsion. If it would have given you detention, don’t do it! No refunds will be given in such cases. Remember: play nicely and speak politely.

Lost and Found items will be at the information desk.

The sale of any items or services without the prior consent of SnowCon Event Organizers is not allowed on convention premises. Distributing or posting any promotional materials is also prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in immediate removal from the convention without a refund.

No games may be played for money, nor may games have a fee attached to them for entry, save exhibitor or sponsor-organized games with an on-site product purchase requirement. Gambling for money, goods, or services is not permitted.

SnowCon Costume and Prop Weapon Policy

SnowCon follows all Maine State and federal laws. No substances or devices forbidden by Maine State or Federal laws will be permitted. Any attendee who is found to be breaking a State or Federal law will be reported to the Bangor Police.

All costumes should be in good taste for an all-ages event. Any attendee who Staff feels is underdressed will be requested to change into more appropriate attire.

SnowCon Staff must inspect all weapon props. Staff reserves the right to ask the item owner to remove it from the convention area. The owner of any prop assumes full responsibility for the prop. If an attendee is removed, for example, for inappropriate or unsafe use of a prop owned by someone else, the owner of the said prop will also face the same sanctions. Keep your items in your care at all times!

All prop/replica fi rearms must be inspected by SnowCon Staff. Firearm props/replicas must have a tipped plug in a standard, bright color; a solid barrel; or a removed trigger.

No shooting, squirting, or launching weapon may be loaded. (No water, pellets, foam things, marshmallows, etc.) A temporary exception may be made for a sanctioned demonstration by Staff permission only

SnowCon does not allow any firearms on site; any attendee found to be carrying a firearm will behave their badge confiscated and be asked to leave SnowCon.

SnowCon does allow live steel weapons; with restrictions, live steel may be displayed or used in a sanctioned demonstration with Staff approval. Live steel worn as part of a costume must be peace-tied.

Convention or Event Venue Staff may check worn weapons at any time to ensure they are properly tied. If a Staff member feels that the weapon is unsafe, you will be asked to remove it from the convention area.

All props must be in full control of their holder/wearer. If a prop seems too big or difficult to keep control of, Convention or Event Venue Staff may request that it be removed from the convention area.

No props may be used in a dangerous, harmful, or threatening fashion. Convention or Event Venue Staff may request that the prop, and possibly it wielder, be removed from the convention area and not return.

We love props, especially cool weapons, but we need to ensure that we can all still play together safely.

Thank you!

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