Founded in Germany in 1980s, AMIGO Spiel has made a name for itself publishing card games that can be played anywhere, any time. They found success with classic games like Wizard, 6nimmt!, and Bohnanza, and now publish and distribute games from their sales partners all around the world.

This year, AMIGO has contributed the classic card games Dealt!, What the Heck?, and Saboteur.

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Dealt! game components


Designed by Katja Stremmel

A trick-taking game with a twist! In this card game, players must win rounds of the game by playing cards, the winner being the player who plays the highest card in a hand. Players can play pairs or runs as well… but they can’t rearrange their hand of cards! The first player to lose all their chips is the loser, and everyone else wins!

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What the Heck? game box

What the Heck?

Designed by Alex Randolph

Players are given an equal deck of bidding cards from one to fifteen. Each turn, a prize tile is randomly selected, worth either positive or negative points. Each player is attempting to gather the most positive points. Players secretly select one of their remaining bidding cards and reveal them simultaneously. For positive prizes, the highest card gets the prize; For negative prizes, the lowest card is stuck with the prize. However, if two people play the highest (or lowest) card, they cancel each other out and the prize goes to the next in line. The highest total score after all fifteen prizes are awarded wins.

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Saboteur game components


Designed by Fréderic Moyersoen, art by Andrea Boekhoff & Fréderic Moyersoen

The Classic Game of Treasure and Trickery!

You’re digging for gold deep in the shadowy maze of a mining tunnel, when suddenly a pickaxe shatters your lamp and the cavern goes pitch black. The saboteur has struck again . . . but who is the saboteur? Can you and your fellow miners complete a path to the hidden gold, or will the saboteur thwart your efforts? With a unique combination of cooperation and betrayal, Saboteur reveals new secrets every time it’s played.

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