Registering Groups or Family Members

If you’re registering multiple people, you’ll need a unique email address for each one. Each badge has to go to someone with a TableTop account. You add them one at a time to your cart, then can pay for them together.

Because TableTop requires a unique email address for each attendee, and because parents or other chaperones may attend with their tweens and teens, we understand that this can be a challenge.

We’ve investigated a workaround for you, in which a parent or group leader can use email tags on one primary email address to create accounts for others.

Plus addressing means any email sent to username+whateveryoulike@myemailaddress.etc is still sent to your account. This means you can have a lot of variations on your email address to give out to different people, sites, or mailing lists.

For example, suppose you gave someone the address username+TaylorSnowCon@myemailaddress.etc any messages sent to this address will be delivered to username@domain.tld, and if you have a folder called TaylorSnowCon, most systems will deliver it straight to that folder rather than your Inbox.

Normally, this is the primary ticketholder’s email address with a + sign and an extra identifier.

This method allows you to get a unique login for anyone in your group who does not have an email address.

You can learn more about using + addresses here

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