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  • Play-to-Win at Lucky 13

    Play-to-Win at Lucky 13

    One of the best-loved parts of SnowCon is Open Gaming. What are Play-to-Win Games? These are specially marked games in the open game library. If you play the game, you have a chance to win that very copy! These games aren’t on our schedule, so they’ll always fit into yours! We even have Players Wanted signs at…

  • Wattsalpoag Games

    Wattsalpoag Games

    Wattsalpoag is a board game company located in Issaquah, Washington, USA, founded in 1992. Owner and game designer Kris Gould has a life-long love of gaming. He did what everyone dreams to do – he made his passion into his business. Wattsalpoag Games has focused on European-style board games since 2006, ranging from family play to more advanced…