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Wattsalpoag Games Logo

Wattsalpoag is a board game company located in Issaquah, Washington, USA, founded in 1992. Owner and game designer Kris Gould has a life-long love of gaming. He did what everyone dreams to do – he made his passion into his business.

Wattsalpoag Games has focused on European-style board games since 2006, ranging from family play to more advanced play. They sell in 18+ countries, in 4 languages. The name “Wattsalpoag” is actually an acronym: With All This Talent Sitting Around Let’s Put Out A Game.

This year, Wattsalpoag has once again kindly contributed the game Echidna Shuffle!

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Echidna Shuffle game components

Echidna Shuffle

Designed by Kris Gould, art by Damon S. Brown & Mike Raabe

Join in the Echidna Shuffle! Each player gets three bugs of the same color and three matching colored stumps. Stumps are randomly placed on the board by the other players at the start of the game. On your turn, move the Echidnas, picking up your bugs and moving them towards your stumps. The first player to get all three of their bugs home wins the game. A light, fast game that the whole family will enjoy playing together!

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