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Genius Games believes that science is awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and beautiful. They also believe that science can make our world a better place. Through the tools provided by science they can address the types of resource scarcity that lead to violent conflicts, alleviate diseases at the root of much human suffering, and innovate to simply make our stay on earth a more pleasant experience.

Oh, and they make science-themed board games, too!

This year, Genius Games kindly contributed Ecosystem: Coral Reef!

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Ecosystem: Coral Reef game component spread

Ecosystem: Coral Reef

Designed by Matt Simpson, art by Mesa Schumacher

Dive deep to build your own ecological network in this card-drafting game of marine competition. Players choose, pass, and arrange cards representing a diversity of organisms found in the Great Barrier Reef, including coralclownfishsea turtles, and sharks

Earn points by aligning animals with the habitats and food sources where they most flourish. Diversity your food web to maximize your bonuses. Each time you play, you build a one-of-a-kind ecosystem as you strive to balance the delicate connections between all living things.

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