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Left Justified Games logo and Prolific Games logo on a plaid background, with a quote: "As you probably know, our social accounts are run by bears" followed by three bear emojis.

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Prolific Games was founded by Bill Sininger in 2010 with the publication of Flapjacks & Sasquatches. Their goal was always creating and teaching games that deliver fun for every player. The company was sold to Midwest-based game industry veteran Jeff Tidball under the Left Justified Studio umbrella, whose steadfast belief is that games are just about the most fun you can have with your family and friends.

This year’s Prolific Games contributions are Kill the Unicorns and Flapjacks and Sasquatches!

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Kill the Unicorns game box and components

Kill the Unicorns

Designed by Cyril Besnard, Loïc Chorvot, and Alain Fondrille

Art by Levi Prewitt

Once upon a time, the Queendom was overrun by unicorns. They ate all the beautiful plants, relieved themselves on private property, and farted a lot.

The queen was too kind to take action, so she left the matter to her malicious daughter. Eager to prove herself, the princess declared a Unicorn Hunt and invited everyone — including you! You play as one of the Queendom’s unique characters – catch as many unicorns as you can, ideally without accidentally capturing a smelly Unicorn or a Pigicorn!

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Flapjacks and Sasquatches card game cover

Flapjacks and Sasquatches

Designed by William Sininger, art by Eric Knese

Take off to the Great White North where you will use your axe and your wits to get ahead of fellow lumberjacks. You may get a boost from some Flapjacks or be slowed by Blisters – but always be wary of the dreaded Sasquatch!

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